Top ways to improve immunity at home before flu season

For those who want to fight the flu naturally, these tips to improve immunity at home are useful. Avoiding sugar is one way, and there are several more.

Top ways to improve immunity at home before flu season

Announce Date, WryVerse

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WryVerse is a fictional parallel universe in which my unfinished novel “EvilFare” operates .

It is a story revolving around a bachelor in mid 20s  who is an erratic, introvert,  partially deaf and sharing some similarities with a turtle.
It is a journey taking palce in fictional world of the universe , WryVerse.

WryVerse Has Its Own Rules . It will be  first person mode of narrations.

Stay Tuned.

All people would get updated from our social media panels in time .

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Coming Soon


3 ways To tackle tough times / Stresses

These recur on continual basis in life. It’s an opportunity to become decisive and act wisely requiring endurance, patience and hardwork.

Here are some ways to tackle and override the stressful time and its toughness on us.

1. Instantaneous Control

What befells us can’t be changed as time is irreversible. Control the instantaneous despaired emotions as problems come with solutions.

2. Meditation

The only remedy that runs from time immemorial for all kind of stresses.

3. Seek Help

The more you are alone , more the stress consumes you.

Yet I offer you to Stay

My coldness , my harshness

My love my Hate

Both dwell in the same being

Yet I offer you to stay

Sometimes I crawl For

Existence of my reflections

And long for a roof under rain

Yet I offer you to stay

Without blood in the body

Without fragrance from the bloom

I travelled to this far alone

And yet I offer You to Stay

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